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Weekend Writing Prompt #6

♦This weekend’s theme is: SONGS about FAMILY & FRIENDS♦

~ write a scene inspired by these songs about family and friends ~



Family” – Dreamgirls (2006 film)

Channel Source: DestinysChildRadio


Everyday (Family Reunion)” – Madea’s Family Reunion (2004 film)

Channel Source: intino2


You’ve Got A Friend In Me” by Randy Newman (Toy Story – 1995 film)

Channel Source: Giorgio Magliano


Lean On Me” by Bill Withers

Channel Source: CatRevolver


Thank You For Being A Friend” by Andrew Gold
(The Golden Girls theme song/cover sung by Cynthia Fee version)

Channel Source: canuck21


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A Poem Without the Letter “A” – A Revision of A Previously Written Poem by Christina @ The Bookshelf Corner

Have you ever tried to write something without using a specific letter? It’s kinda hard but quite a fun challenge. So I took a poem I previously wrote/posted to this blog and tried to rewrite without any words that contain the letter “A”.

Original Poem

Poem without the letter “A”

there’ll be a beautiful castle
not chipped or broken but built strongly to shelter, to protect us
with its soaring indestructible walls that keep at bay
the monsters with yellow teeth and sharp metal objects.

there’ll be a warm fireplace to keep the blue tinge off our toes
as we wrap ourselves in blankets for comfort for once.
Spacious rooms–one for everyone!–with soft mattresses and pillows,
and see-through water filling tubs to get squeaky-clean in.

there’ll be tassels and ribbons, shoes that match,
and let’s not forget pretty dresses that fit.
They’ll drag on the floor–but that’s okay–
the floor is clean so they won’t get dirty.

there’ll be long tables overloaded with food and water–
I fear they’ll topple over before anything reaches our tummies!
We’ll eat like this all the time
instead of once in a while.

And on that someday
The king and queen will be happy and so will their subjects.
No one is sad or crying in this castle
because we’ll be inside the castle, warm and safe,
wearing lovely clothes and eating delicious food.

One day, if not today or the next day, but someday if I make it there.

In the future
there’ll be one pretty house
not chipped or broken but built strongly to shelter, to protect us
with its towering indestructible fence of stones to keep out
the monsters with yellow teeth, holding pointed swords.

In the future
there’ll be one stone hearth to keep the blue tinge off our toes;
we’ll cover ourselves in sheets for comfort for once.
Big rooms-one for everyone!-with soft beds, pillows,
plus tubs to get scrub spotless in.

In the future
there’ll be bows, ribbons, a couple of shoes;
let’s not forget pretty fitted dresses.
They’ll touch the floor-but no problem-
the floor is clean so they won’t get dirty.

In the future
there’ll be long counters with lots of food, drink-
I worry they’ll topple over before getting into our tummies!
We’ll dine like this forever
not once every other time.

Furthermore, in the future
The king with his queen including their subjects will feel much joy.
No one is crying in this house
since we’ll be protected inside,
donned in lovely clothes, consuming delicious food.

In the future, if not now or tomorrow, but in the future if I’m there.

It wasn’t too bad to make changes to this poem without using “A” but I think it worked out alright. Since I couldn’t use “someday” I have no clue what this poem would be called now. The subject and feelings of the poem are still there but the effect of “someday” seems lessened. Overall, this was a fun activity to do.

Have you ever done any writing games/exercised with missing words/letters?

As always, happy writing!

Original Post of “Someday” by Christina @ The Bookshelf Corner

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NetGalley Book Review: The Song of Seven by Tonke Dragt, Translated by Laura Watkinson

Thank you to NetGalley and Pushkin Children’s Books for providing me with an e-copy to read and review.


Image via NetGalley | First Published in 1966

Genre: Middle Grade, Children’s Fiction
Rating: 5/5
Recommend to Others?: Yes


Summary (via NetGalley):
An exciting new stand-alone adventure by the internationally bestselling author of The Letter for the King.

Seven paths, seven unlikely friends, and one extraordinary adventure featuring magicians, secret passages, conspiracies, hidden treasures, a black cat with green eyes and a sealed parchment which predicts the future.

At the end of every schoolday, new teacher Mr Van der Steg entertains his pupils with tall tales of incredible events, which he claims really happened to him – involving hungry lions and haunted castles, shipwrecks and desert islands. One day, when he can’t think of anything suitably exciting to tell them, he invents a story about a very important letter which he’s expecting that evening, with news of a perilous mission. Evening arrives and so, to his surprise, does an enigmatic letter…

And so Mr Van der Steg is drawn into a real-life adventure, featuring a grumpy coachman, a sinister uncle, eccentric ancestors, a hidden treasure, an ancient prophecy and Geert-Jan, a young boy who is being kept prisoner in the mysterious House of Stairs.


My Review:
The Song of Seven by Tonke Dragt was a true joy to read. It is perhaps the most exciting fairytale mystery/adventure I have ever read.

Yes, it is that good.

So good that the only thing I felt compelled to do was sit back, relax, and read – and write down names here and there (there are a lot of names to remember!). I constantly had to know what would happen next.

The story is compelling right from is ordinary and humble beginnings. The main character, Frans van der Steg (love his name!), goes from teaching and telling stories to his young class to finding himself in the middle of what could only be described as a story come to life. And certainly not something Frans could ever conjure on his own. The whole thing is ridiculous and wild (in a good way), as Frans would agree, but even he can’t escape the magic and mystery of the events that unfold.

The only thing I’m still confounded about is how someone (Frans) could forget a certain something of particular importance for 300+ pages time and time again. It was funny at times but, my goodness, I felt bad for the man.

Truly, The Song of Seven is an unexpectedly wonderful story of truly unimaginable proportions.

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November Happenings!

H A P P Y     N O V E M B E R ! ! !

Royalty Free Image via | Text edited in Paint

I’m writing this month’s intro post a little differently today because this month’s going to be more unusual than past months. Sorry if it’s all over the place.

I wrote a few interesting pieces of fiction last month that I can’t wait to edit. I’m hoping to share one or two in the future but most likely not until January. I’ve been watching a lot of really great anime shows that have given me all sorts of story ideas. It made me think of writing a collection of short stories. Of course, I’d like to finish the novel ideas I have first but I’m not opposed to writing a short story here and there if I decide to go that route as well.

Novels I plan to finish by the end of 2017:

  • Slaves of Socorro by John Flanagan
  • Tess of the Road by Rachel Hartman (ARC)
  • Lady Knight by Tamora Pierce
  • The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros
  • The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Díaz
  • The Song of Seven by Tonke Dragt (ARC)
  • Novel – TITLE TBA
  • Picture Books – I won’t be reading these for another week or so

*book reviews TBA

Writing plans for November:

  • write a couple more short pieces of fiction
  • write sample chapter 1 of sci-fi/fantasy fairy tale retelling novel idea
  • edit pieces written over the past few months

Unfortunately, I don’t have book to recommend this month.

I hope everyone had a great October and I wish you a wonderful November month! And, as always, happy reading and happy writing!

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Spookify Your Halloween With Tales From The Brothers Grimm

The Complete First Edition: The Original Folk and Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm by Jacob and Wiheim Grimm
Translated by Jack Zipes
Illustrated by Andrea Dezsö

Image via Goodreads

Happy Halloween, everyone! I think the best way to pass today is by reading some creepy tales from the Brothers Grimm.

Stay safe and have a nice day!

And, as always, happy reading and happy writing!

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Weekend Writing Prompts #5

♦This weekend’s theme is: DIALOGUE♦

~ start a short story with one of the following lines of dialogue ~


“Can there truly be a tomorrow if we don’t take care of today?”

“Don’t move!”

“There is nothing left to say but goodbye, Flint.”

“You’re not a true adult unless you wear a bow-tie.”

“Tell me. Have you always been this stubborn?”