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Finding An Ideal Space To Write

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Where you write may seem an odd thing to consider at first but I do believe the location can contribute to your writing productivity. This particular space is where words come alive.  It is your space, your time to get away and delve into the magic of words. Although you can write anywhere at any time, having your own space to write as you please is always helpful.

What is the ideal space?
The ideal space is yours and yours alone. It is a specific area that you are comfortable in where no one can disturb you. It is a designated utopia where you, a pen, and paper are the only things that exist. It is your domain that you have claimed to write out the contents of your imagination.

Where can I find this ideal space?
As stated before, location is an important factor. What is equally important is that the space is a distraction-free zone. Some may choose to write at a desk somewhere in their home. Others may find a little nook to hole-up in to write. Your local library is a also a great quiet space to write. Wherever you choose should be a place you can freely and habitually go to, which tells your brain that, yes, this is my space to write as I please.

How can I make my space work for me?
Comfort is the first step toward making the space ideal for yourself. If you aren’t comfortable in the space, chances are you won’t be able to write as fluently as you would like. Make sure that what you are sitting on is comfy as well to avoid body aches after sitting for certain periods of time (make sure you take time to get up and stretch every once in a while). A quiet space may be comfortable for some or others may choose to listen to relaxing music at a low volume as they write. Music can have a positive affect on our mood, putting us in a relaxed state of mind. Having a cup of coffee or tea beside you as you write can make the space comfortable as well.

Your ideal writing space is your time to let your creativity flow and come to life on the page. It is your domain, your space for you to really be yourself. For me, I find I can write best in some cozy corner where it is quiet. Sometimes I will have something on YouTube running in the background as I write. Wherever you chose to write be sure to make it a place that fits you best.

Let me know in the comments what your ideal space to write in is.


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