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My Literary Hero: Lynn Kurland

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Lynn Kurland

Lynn Kurland

New York Times bestselling author Lynn Kurland is one of my top favorite authors of all time. She is a talented author who skillfully blends together romance, fantasy, historical and paranormal into fantastic works of fiction.

“Clearly one of romance’s finest writers.” – The Oakland Press

I’ve read most of her books (she has so many) and have enjoyed each and every one of them. I love the characters, I love the setting, I love the plots, I love the time travel aspects. Kurland is such a great storyteller that I feel so immersed in each story she writes. Some of my favorite books she’s written are Another Chance to Dream, Dreams of Stardust, The More I See You, When I Fall In Love, and Princess of the Sword.

There is a particular chronically order to her books, especially where the de Piaget and the MacLeod series are concerned, but if you read them out of order (which I did when I first started reading her books) it would be fine as well. You are still taken on a unique journey no matter what. Her Novel of the Nine Kingdoms series has a set order.

I love getting to know each character individually in their own respective stories and see them grow and change before my eyes. I also like when they appear in other books. It really brings each series together. One thing that really makes her books stand out is that you never see the same type of character more than once. Each character is their own individual self who has their own set of problems, hopes, and dreams. You really feel for these characters as they struggle to overcome their personal demons and obstacles, and find a love of their own.

“Kurland…consistently delivers the kind of stories readers dream about.” – The Oakland Press

Kurland writes so beautifully, which makes it hard to put the book down. I am always impressed by how effortlessly written her writing seems to be to me. Her sweet, riveting stories feed into the hopeless romantic side of my self. She does a good job of providing just the right amount of action, danger, and romance.

I really enjoy Kurland’s books and am glad to have some of them on my bookshelf. If you like romance, I think you’d enjoy Kurland’s works. But if not I would recommend her Novel of the Nine Kingdoms series; it is a perfect combination of fantasy, adventure, and romance.

“Stepping into one of Lynn Kurland’s time-travel novels is definitely one magic moment in itself.” – All About Romance

I am excited to read Dreams of Lilacs next on my TBR list and am anticipating another good read from Kurland.

Visit Lynn Kurland’s website to learn more about her and her books.


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