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Book Review: Redeemed by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

Redeemed by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast (A House of Night Novel, Book 12) | Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Series: A House of Night Novel, book 12
Rating: 4/5
Recommend to Others: Yes
Favorite Quote: “Adam, I have lived for more than five hundred years, and in that time I have learned that humanity is defined by choice and not by genetics. Quite simply, humans and vampyres are more alike than different.”

My Summary:
The mother-daughter duo are back with their final House of Night novel Redeemed. Zoey Redbird finds herself in deep trouble with the law, feeling utterly upset, resigned, and alone by what she has done. But that is not the only problem Zoey and her friends are facing. Evil and Darkness are spreading, threatening humans, vampyres and fledglings alike. Neferet has exposed herself as a Goddess of Darkness and is bent on ruling over everyone and everything no matter the cost. The long running battle of Light versus Dark comes to its final, precarious conclusion.

~                    ~                    ~

My Review:
It’s always bittersweet to see a series come to an end, especially one where there are so many books to it. It’s been a long journey but worth reading. I’ve enjoyed the series a lot and getting to know the characters, watching as they overcome obstacle after obstacle.

In Redeemed, each character experiences some type of closure from their past and in the present. The characters have grown and changed over the course of twelve books into the dynamic characters that they are in Redeemed.

I also liked how P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast chose to tell this story again from different points of view. I don’t think the story could have been told any other way nor end the way it does. The varying perspectives provide more knowledge and understanding of the characters and of what was taking place.

The demonstration of Neferet’s evil was sometimes difficult to read but I believe it held a necessary place in the story to show how mad and evil she had truly become. I think this helped illustrate how crucial the battle of Light versus Dark was going to be.

However, I found myself wanting more from this battle of good and evil. The story built up to it just fine but the battle itself seemed too short. I kind of felt there could of been just a bit more danger and uncertainty of whether they would win or lose.

The ending was very sweet due to the potential for positive change and new beginnings the it hinted at. It was the right type of conclusion for the series, making me wish there was just more books to see this change come to fruition.

Bridging the gap between vampyres and humans was another thing I liked about the story. It was cool to see them work together towards a common cause, defeating Neferet. I think it made the story that much better that humans weren’t taking a backseat to what was going on. They were brought to the forefront to help Zoey and her friends stop Neferet, hence the quote I chose above. It reminds me of a quote by Maya Angelou, “We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike.”

The theme of redemption also was something I really enjoyed about the novel. Being able to have a second chance at something is a relatable concept that drove the story’s action. It seemed that every major character had their chance to redeem themselves in some way in the story and prior to that. I think this concept made what happens in Redeemed very fitting as the final novel of the House of Night series.

I’ve grown really attached to this series and have liked it very much. Overall, I think it came to a satisfying end.

You can visit the House of Night website to learned more about the series.

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