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Quote of the Day: Our BFF the Book

Charles William Eliot quote | https://thebookshelfcorner.wordpress.comI. Love. This. Quote. It really sums up what it means to be a book lover and why we love books oh-so much. Books are a joy to have in one’s life. You go through so many experiences and meet some many different characters while reading that you become very close to books. There’s always a book at the ready when you need answers to puzzling questions or a pick-me-up when you’re feeling down. You read a book and are thoroughly changed by it. You are taken on a wild adventure, combating dangerous foes as you hurdle over obstacle after obstacle. You learn. You grow. You become a new person. Books are the greatest of escapes and I couldn’t imagine life without them.

One reply on “Quote of the Day: Our BFF the Book”

This quote is really good. Books are a treasure for everyone. They are not a comfortable but also make us wise and intelligent.


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