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Bookshelf Spotlight: Once Upon A Time (Book Series)

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Publisher: Simon Pulse
Authors: Cameron Dokey, Nancy Holder, Tracy Lynn, Debbie Viguié, Suzanne Weyn

I particularly like this series for its delightful retellings of classic fairy tales and stories we all know and love. The Once Upon A Time series, published by Simon Pulse, are short, endearing reads young adult readers are sure to find enjoyable. What I like most about these books is the way the authors adapt each tale, making them distinctively fun and magical but with a twist.

I have read most of them some years ago and liked each one. The familiarity of the them is, I think, what made them so enchanting to me. It’s exciting to read these tales because you already have some idea of what might happen in the story and are pleasantly surprised by the new things that occur. And it’s that anticipation of the old and something new that kept me interested in the stories.

What adaptations/retellings of fairy tales do you enjoy?


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