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Book Review: Dreams of Lilacs by Lynn Kurland

Dreams of Lilacs by Lynn Kurland Publisher: Jove
Dreams of Lilacs by Lynn Kurland (de Piaget, book 16) | Publisher: Jove

Genre: Fiction, Historical Romance
Series: de Piaget Family, book 16
Rating: 4.5/5
Recommend to Other: Yes
Favorite Quote: “‘Time is a river you cannot stop,’ he said. ‘All you can do is navigate it as best you can.'”

My Summary:
Isabelle de Piaget is extremely tired men overlooking her and never knowing her name. She is tired of feeling unwanted. She sets about on a quest beyond the shadows of her sheltered life she’s been living in. She wants someone to know her name, know her for herself and not what her station in life begets. Moreover, propelling her sudden expedition to France is a mysterious missive she receives threatening the lives of her family should she not follow its instructions.

Gervase de Seger’s life continues to go in the completely wrong direction since he was nearly killed in a house fire that left him scared and limped. Now he finds himself in a precarious situation when he rescues a woman in lad’s clothing who is missing her memories and brings her back to his hall. While trying to convince himself that he wants nothing to do with the admittedly beautiful woman he rescued, Gervase seeks to find answers not only to her identity but to whomever continues to plot his demise.

Trust becomes crucial as danger seems to draw nearer and nearer. Not knowing who to trust will make finding answers and solutions to each of these predicaments arduous tasks. Isabelle and Gervase will have to learn to have faith in one another if they are to have the normal life they want. Lyrically beautiful and full of suspense, Dreams of Lilacs is a stunning work of historical romance.

~               ~               ~

My Review:
Another sweet tale by Lynn Kurland. I thought Dreams of Lilacs was a good story and I’m glad that Isabelle got a story of her own.

I liked Isabelle’s bravery in trying to protect her family from unknown harm even if it meant putting herself at risk. I think that shows how much she cares for them. You can understand why she kept the missive to herself and went off to France under false pretenses.

I think Isabelle’s personal struggle is very endearing and relatable to readers. She is tired of being a nobody and wishes she were a somebody who’s name would be remembered. And I’m glad she can be a somebody with Gervase even if it took him a while to figure out who she was.

Gervase was a likable character as well. Despite his body’s limitations he does his best to carry on even though he is still haunted by the pains from his near death experience. I love his brothers, especially Joscelin and Yves who were wonderful characters to read about.

As I read I kept wishing for Isabelle to be honest with Gervase and vise versa. Perhaps then they could have come to trust each other sooner and figured out the problem of the missives together. As drawn out as it was, I did enjoy watching the two fall in love with one another. It was beautiful to read and written very well. They were what the other needed, complimenting each other.

When the danger that had been stalking the pair finally came about I felt it was extremely short and over with far to quickly. All that built up of suspense that I felt there would be this epic confrontation between the mystery writer and Isabelle and Gervase. What actually happened was a little lackluster for me.

I always enjoy Lynn Kurland’s books and reading her beautiful stories, so Dreams of Lilacs was a big thumbs up for me. Kurland really knows how to write a romance novel. It was also great to see old characters from previous books in this one as well. I think this novel had really good moments here and there but the climax left me a little less than satisfied (hence the half rating). But overall it was a good read and I can’t wait to read more of Kurland’s works.

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