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Quote of the Day: Write the Book You Want To Read

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Toni Morrison quote |

Write the book you want to read. Simple as that. I’m always looking for a new adventure in a book, something that will hold me on the edge of my seat. That sublime book whose dynamic characters make me laugh and cry and are a thrill to read about. The book with just the right balance of good verses evil and budding romance. It is a book so engaging it leaves me breathless and  wanting more. That is my kind of book. Whatever your “it” book is, it may be difficult to find one that fits you criteria and expectations of what you want from a book and what you prefer to read about. If that’s the case, then take Toni Morrison’s advice and try to write it yourself. Take all those ideas floating around in your head and write them out into the perfect story you’ve always imagined. Who knows what may come it. You may find yourself with a pretty awesome story to tell.

Happy writing!


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