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Meeting Your Writing Goals

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I’ve been thinking a lot about my writing goals lately and it’s made me think of goal setting in general. Currently my goal is to write a novel but I’ve been hitting a few bumps towards achieving that goal. So I made a list of daily reminders to stay on top of my work, some of which I find can be applicable towards other situations.

  1. If it’s really your dream to be a writer you’ll make time for it.

If writing really matters to you then you’ll make time for it. If you find you can’t go a day without doing something related to your dream, you’ll find time in your day to do it. It’s your dream and you have to work for it.

  1. Make a calendar or list.

Making a list or calendar of your is a good way to outline your writing goals. Having an outline maps out the steps you need to take towards reaching your goal. It also provides a visual representation and reminder of what you are planning to achieve.

  1. Have realistic expectations about what you hope to accomplish.

Know what you can and cannot handle as you work towards your goals. Make sure your expectations towards reaching that goal are realistic and plausible.

  1. Space out your writing time into manageable chunks.

This ties in the before mentioned step. Your goals will appear much easier to accomplish and less daunting. Diving up your daily word count – such as a couple hundred or a thousand words per day – is a good way to manage your tackle larger pieces of writing.

  1. Know that the first draft doesn’t have to be perfect.

Seeking perfection in a first draft is an unrealistic expectation. You are bound to have errors in it and that’s okay. You will make the proper corrections as you edit and revise. The first draft is mainly just getting the words on the page.

  1. Write for yourself.

Dare to dream big but hold yourself accountable. Reward yourself as you make progress towards your goal. Know that setbacks are possible but you are still capable of overcoming them. Work hard towards your goals for yourself. It’s your goal and only you can accomplish it.

What do you do to meet your writing goals?


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