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Bookshelf Spotlight: Ranger’s Apprentice (book series)

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Author: John Flanagan
Publisher: Philomel Books

This is a phenomenal series. It is one of my top favorite series by one of my top favorite authors, John Flanagan. What makes this series stand out is certainly its cast of lovable characters, such as Will, Halt, Gilan, and Horace, and the renowned Ranger Corps. The series centers on young Will, an orphan at Castle Redmont who dreamt of becoming a knight like his father – who he never knew – but instead becomes an apprentice ranger to the mysterious and aloof Ranger Halt. The Ranger Corps is an interesting organization and their place in the world is well crafted. They are a special group who tackles certain problems that normal law enforcement can’t handle, as is my understanding. As the saying in this series goes, “One riot. One Ranger.”

Each book is one extraordinary adventure after another. Flanagan is such a fantastic storyteller. I loved each of the twelve books in this series, which includes some of my favorite books of all time like The Ruins of Gorlan (book 1), The Battle for Skandia (book 4), Erak’s Ransom (book 7), Halt’s Peril (book 9), The Emperor of Nihon-Ja (book 10), and The Royal Ranger (book 12). Overall, Ranger’s Apprentice is an awesome book series that I would recommend to others. I can’t wait to read Flanagan’s other series, the Brotherband Chronicles.

You can learn more about John Flanagan and his books here.


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