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Writing Progress!

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Yay for progress!

For the past few weeks I’ve been slowly but surely typing away at the novel I’m writing. I just finished the first three chapters and I’m so elated by the progress I’ve made. It was difficult to write at times because I wanted to make a good first draft among others things on my to-do list. But then I reminded myself of an earlier post about meeting your writing goals and was able to just let the words flow as they may. It’s only a first draft and I’ll be able to polish it during the revision stage where I can edit as much as I please.

It helped skipping around in the story to get things going. Whenever I was stuck on a certain part, instead of staring at the screen wracking my brain for the right words, I would skip forwards or backwards in the story to points that were left blank or unclear. Another thing that helped get the writing juices flowing was breaking up my writing manageable chunks by setting mini writing goals I felt I could accomplish.

I’m writing the book I want to read and it’s really exciting. I’m almost at 6,000 words and hope to reach 10,000 by the end of this weekend. I have so many ideas for this story. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

Happy writing!


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