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Word of the Day: Perseverance

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Word of the Day #1 defines “perseverance” as a “steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.” Perseverance is a key quality every writer should have. Without it there is a lacking in producing quality work and progress. A writer must carry with them daily a mountain-sized amount of perseverance to get through draft after draft, to see their work come to a satisfying conclusion. The writer’s life is about not giving up when the temptation to quit arises. There is no easy path for a writer. It’s diligence that sees the writer through word after word, page after page in order to reach that sweet, sweet victory of the endBe brave. Be bold. Persevere. Then reap the rewards you earn knowing that you never gave up.


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