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Gone Book Hunting

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There are plenty of places out there to find your next big read, whether it be online or in a store. I search these places high and low for something that I believe will captivate my interest. It’s where I discover new authors, new books, and new series to fall in love with. Sometimes these sneaky books are hard to find, which is why you want a website or store that is consistently up-to-date, has accurate information, easy to use/browse, and is organized. That way you don’t end up frustrated and calling it quits. Here’s a short list of where I’ve found my next big reads:


Amazon is a good place to hunt for books. It’s always up-to-date. I enjoy using Amazon because it’s easy to use and you have access to thousands upon thousands of titles. Also, I like to using this site to keep lists for the books I find. Amazon offers good suggestions and recommendations for books you might like, which is a feature I like to use. Not to mention there are loads of information on books and authors.

2. Your Local Library

Ah, the library. This is always my go-to place and, of course, my second home away from home to find new books. I love going to my local library to find books because of that special feeling you get when you walk into a place full of stories waiting to be told and the magical feeling of holding a new book in the palms of your hands. The library is my top favorite place to discover new books and authors for it provides free access to so many titles to explore.

3. Fantastic Fiction

I really love this website. It’s a fun site with books and authors of every genre you could possibly imagine. You can search for your favorite author, which are also arranged in alphabetical order by last name. You can also type in a book title in the search box at the top right corner of the page. When you look at an author’s page you’ll also get suggestions of other authors visitors have looked at. This site is easy to navigate through, always up-to-date, and has something for every kind of reader.

Where do you go to find new authors and books to read? Let me know in the comments what you think. And, as always, happy reading!


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