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“That One Day, That Someday” – Poem by christina15bk

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We spent our whole lives
wondering who we ought to be
How to look, how to dress
what to do, what to say
But behind our dreaming eyes
shines the stars of success,
of roads painted gold
and happiness in abundance
We traversed the world
chasing after that glory,
riding along rocky, tumultuous roads
Sometimes we didn’t know
if we would make it
And all them nay-sayers
thought we’d up and quit,
trying to bash our dreams
into fairydust
But we wouldn’t give up
because we were after
that one day, that someday
By our strength and determination
we achieved more than we expected
By not giving up and
surrendering to our inner demons
We rise, uplifted by the commitment
to our passionate dreams
and the fervent desire to reach
that one day, that someday
So I decided to write a poem for today’s post. I mainly prefer writing fiction over poetry but occasionally I’ll write a poem, especially if I’m feeling really moved by something. Typically, when I write a poem it starts off as a song of a few lines that pop into my head. I’m not the best at writing poetry but I still enjoy writing it on occasion. What inspired this poem was my looking back on my life, at how hard I worked to accomplish my goals despite all the obstacles I had to overcome and how happy I am to have achieved that one day, that someday.


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