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Finding Inspiration For Your Writing

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You’re sitting at you desk with a blank page in front of you. You’re ready to lay down the words rattling around in your head onto paper. But you pause, struck by an overwhelming loss for words. The page is left unfulfilled. You wrestle with your imagination to write something, anything!

Your frustration level starts to rise as the blinking curser taunts you over and over again. You just can’t seem to find any inspiration for your writing. Your literary heroes make it look so easy, effortlessly writing down beautiful words into a story, a poem, a play. You wish the jumble of words in your head would just click into place like putting a puzzle together.

The infamous writers block holds you back from turning your imagination into reality. Do not fret! There is no need to fear this vicious foe of the writer. There are plenty of spaces and places in this world to find inspiration for you writing:

Take a trip outdoors and go on stroll. Bask in nature’s glory. Focus on not only the big things around you but the smaller things that makes nature come alive. Breathe in air. What does it smell like? What does nature sound? What does it remind you of? Describe your surroundings. Nature contains plenty of inspiration.

People and Places
Every day we encounter people known to us and unknown. But everyone has a story in them that can inspire your writing. They all have a particular quality in them that you’d want your character to have. Your character could embody your best friend’s bravery. A son or daughter could inspire a young hero in the making.

The places we have traveled can offer inspiration for writing. A setting in a story can be created from the places we visit or help us to create fictional ones. We admire places for their beauty and elegance, their rustic charm and simplicity. We take in our surroundings wherever we go, which turns into a never-ending source for our writing.

Movies and Television
Movies and television shows are imagination come to life. Watching them can provide inspiration and some direction on how to go about your writing. In using these sources as inspiration, we may think to ourselves: How does the story develop? What action and reaction do the characters take/have? What themes does the movie or TV show project? Movies and TV shows help us to visualize what we aim to write and how to make words come alive.

We use our hearing and sight to really take in music and art. These two senses really overload the imagination with images and feelings that can turn into wonderful pieces of writing. Music (with or without words) speaks to the heart in words that cannot be described. It has a powerful effect on us that can be translated into whatever you are writing.

Books are a great source of inspiration. We learn a lot from reading books that really stimulate the mind and form into different styles and mediums of writing. Books have the power to change us, to make us feel and imagine. They tell a story that inspires another story and so on. The more we read the more inspired we can become.

You can find inspiration for your writing anywhere. It’s all around us. We just have to open ourselves to be receptive to it. It may not makes sense at first. But when you relax and really set your mind to what you want to write, it will come to you in the most astonishing of ways.

Where do you find inspiration for your writing? Let me know in the comments. And, as always, happy reading, happy writing!


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