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Quote of the Day: The Beginning

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Quote by Stephen King

You sit down at your desk (or whatever space you use to create), ready to start writing. But you pause, your fingers stilled above the keyboard. You’re hit with a myriad of fear-induced questions and doubts. You’re not sure how to begin or if you should begin.

We’ve all been there countless times before, especially when dealing with larger works like writing a novel. And it’s okay to feel this way. It’s just apart of the journey as the writer hones his or her’s craft.

There is no doubt that you’ll be bogged down by questions and there may be a time when you doubt your capabilities to write anything at all that is worth writing. We sometimes are our own worst critic, the one thing standing in our way towards our goals. As scary as that moment to begin is, know that you have what it takes to write down all those ideas bouncing around in your head.

Muster up that insurmountable determination in you and face The Beginning. Because you’ll never see your piece come to fruition if you can’t take a leap of faith.


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