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The Time I Was Inspired To Write A Musical

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Free Image from PixabayI. Love. Musicals. If I could, I would go see them all the time instead of just once in a long while. They’re just so fun and exciting to watch. I could listen to Broadway music all day. When I see them I just fell so inspired it makes me want to write one myself and be in one. I’ve seen plenty of musicals from Broadway to community theater. Certainly, my favorite Broadway musicals have to be The Lion King and Wicked.

So why am I talking about musicals today? Well it all goes way back to the spring of 2005 when I was a young girl. My school was taking a break from the day to go see a musical that was being performed at another school where the older kids attended. The theater program that was putting on this musical consisted of my fellow classmates and older students in the school district. I didn’t know what to expect or what I was going to see; I was just happy to be away from work for the moment. I was happy, yet I wouldn’t have expected that my life was about to change.

They packed us into the school’s auditorium, slowly the room roaring with the animated talk of the young. The lights dimmed, a circular spotlight struck the stage, and the noise dissipated as the show was about to begin. An older couple walked onto stage, a couple that I would soon get to know the following year. They quickly introduced themselves and what the musical we were going to see was about. And then…magic happened.

I was shocked to the core, thoroughly amazed by the spectacle going on stage. In my mind, I was seeing something far removed from anything I could ever have expected. This play was so fascinating to me, my eyes transfixed to the stage from start to finish. It was so impressive to me. I remember thinking to my self when it was over how I wish I could be on that stage dancing and singing and acting with my classmates, especially after learning who was eligible to be apart of the program. However, I was a very shy kid back then which prevented me from joining the following year.

That following spring of 2006, when we were taken to see another show put on by the program, I was again amazed by what I saw. I also learned that the program puts on shows in the summer too. This harden my resolve and I worked up the courage to ask my mom if I could join the program. She said yes and I never looked back.

I stayed in the program all the way up until high school. I don’t regret it for I was apart of something so special and wonderful. I fell in love with performing and musical theater. I loved it so much that it inspired me to try to write a musical myself.

Free Image from PixabayThe latter half of 2006 was the year I wrote not one, not two, but three musicals, incorporating some original songs to go with them. They were titled Mr. CatchAurora’s Light, and Dreamers and Believers. It was so fun to write these back then, though I haven’t written one since. Being apart of a theater program and writing my own musicals were turning points in my life. Writing a musical I think really enhanced my writing skills somewhat. It gave my experience in a new writing style and I also learned a new way to tell a story and make the most of dialogue.

I love musical theater. It’s been a part of my life – and still is – since I was little. It excites and inspires me.I couldn’t believe that little ol’ me could write such fantastical things. But I did and I’m still very proud of what I was able to accomplish.


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