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“Late Night Drive” – Poem by christina15bk

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Free Image from Pixabay

Driving on these paved streets,
darkness enveloping my way,
a deep blackened void
devoid of anything but the sounds
of nature’s night revelry.
And as I drive, two streaks of light
lighting my way forward
and bright beacons of white and red
shinning around me,
I cannot help but think of
what brought these humans out
so late at night?
Where might they be going
with only headlights and stars to guide them?
I, heading one way, and you another.
What journey may lie in this darkness?
But we have gathered together,
racing by one another,
disappearing and reappearing,
to reach a point of conclusion.
Whether guided or not
we will make it there
through this dark, almost desolate place,
a path laid before us to somewhere.


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