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Book Review: Night Study by Maria V. Snyder

Night Study by Maria V. Snyder (Study, book 5) | Publisher: MIRA
Night Study by Maria V. Snyder (Study, book 5) | Publisher: MIRA

Genre: Fiction, Fantasy
Series: Study, book 5
Rating: 4.5/5
Recommend to Others?: Yes
Favorite Quote: “I peered at him. He’d gone from using we to you, meaning me. ‘Let me guess. Valek─’
‘Doesn’t have to order us to protect you. You are family. That goes beyond orders.’ ”

Danger has not stopped in this fifth installment of the Study series where Yelena and Valek must overcome even greater obstacles in order to restore peace between Sitia and Ixia. With rogue magicians like Owen being on the loose and Curare being manufactured by the wrong people, it becomes more and more apparent that there is more going on beneath the surface of it all. Yelena must tread carefully since her Soulfinder abilities have not yet returned while Valek’s relationship with the Commander has reached a new level of tension. The two suspect there is something amiss with the Commander, a plan that could jeopardize the fragile peace between the two countries. Loyalties are tested and the path towards the truth perilous for all involved. A peaceful future is at stake and it’s up to Yelena and her friends to see that the present gets there.


Wow. Just wow. I did not expect anything of what happened in the book to happen and I am thoroughly pleased by the journey the book took me on.

As much as I enjoyed this book, I found myself waiting for something to happen, something big that would really shake me and the characters to our core. And I didn’t have that oh-my-gosh moment until I was two-thirds of the way in. Not that things didn’t happen or that it was boring – there was never a moment that I was bored. Until that one specific moment I was in a calm, relaxed state, reading and wondering what was going to happen next, intrigued by what was happening. That oh-snap moment is what picked things up for me, hence the 4.5 rating. From then on I found myself on the edge of my seat, eyes wide as dinner plates, fervently soaking in word after word until the story ended.

Snyder excels at crafting an ingenious plot, seeping it with tension and suspense. The book went from one tense situation after another that made me admire Yelena and her friend’s tenacity in the face of it. Their abilities to brainstorm and look at a situation from all angels, thinking in and outside the box, was astonishing, truly intelligent and creative.

I like how Snyder can make the reader feel all these different emotions that match what the characters are feeling. I could feel and sympathize right along with them. I felt their anguish and hopelessness when things didn’t go right, the puzzlement when trying to decipher clues and schemes, and their triumph when they were able to beat the odds that were at times heavily stacked against them.

I don’t think I can say enough how talented a writer Snyder is. She’s crafted a tale that’s new, exciting, and thought-provoking. She presents readers with the impossible and makes the possible happen. With all these new developments in the story, I am thoroughly interested in where it goes in the next book, Dawn Study.

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