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Book Review: Stars in Your Eyes by Lynn Kurland

Stars In Your Eyes by Lynn Kurland
Stars in Your Eyes by Lynn Kurland (de Piaget, book 17) | Publisher: Jove Books

Genre: Fiction, Paranormal Romance
Series: de Piaget Family, book 17
Rating: 4/5
Recommend to Others?: Yes

Imogen Maxwell has always had a passion for movies and wants nothing more than to make it big in the filmmaking industry someday despite what her top-notch family would likely want for her. A lowly grunt doing research for a medieval period piece, she jumps at the chance to take a tour of a medieval castle, unawares of the paranormal strangeness of it and the lady of the place.

Phillip de Piaget wants nothing more than to finally have speech with his wayward betrothed instead of having the contests of her cesspit tossed at him. A man of chivalry and strategy, he’s not about to give up collecting his betrothed or her keep, Haemesburgh, that would come with their marriage.

Both Imogen and Phillip get more than they bargained for on their journeys to Haemesburgh: a startling does of reality of their situations, a mystery to unfold, and a chance at true love.


One of the things I love about this book and Lynn Kurland’s other novels is seeing new and old characters from other books. I like how this new generation of characters are getting their own story for readers to enjoy. It’s a huge family dynamic that I just fall in love with more and more with each book Kurland produces. I just love the love and devotion between family members of the de Piaget and MacLeod family.

The last 10% of the book left me with a few questions, which I can’t address in this review without spoiling parts of the book. There were just parts that happened so quick or were kind of lackluster that I felt I was missing something or questioning why certain things weren’t fully addressed.

I though this was a sweet tale between Imogen and Phillip. It was a nice tale that kept my interest from start to finish. I did find the novel an pleasant read, largely due to the characters and the writing, which Kurland extremely good at.

If you like paranormal romance, I think you’d enjoy Stars in Your Eyes or any other of Kurland’s works.

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