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What Writing Means To Me

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Free Image from Pixabay | Public Domain CC0

Writing has been a part of my life since I was little. I started out writing poems and song lyrics, putting to paper all the things bouncing around in my head. Then I’d write the occasional prose piece or short story. Not much since back then I had trouble writing long. But writing was such a unique thing to me, a hobby that would one day turn into passion and then something I’d want to turn into a profession.

Ever since I read Daja’s Book by Tamora Pierce, I knew I wanted to become a writer somehow in some way. I wanted to write stories as captivating as the ones I was reading. I wanted to enchant readers as thoroughly as I’ve been.

So today I thought I’d share what writing has meant and still does mean to me.

  1. A chance to turn the stories in my head into a reality
  2. A way to transform what I’m feeling and thinking into something fantastical
  3. A way to ignite the imaginations of those who read my works
  4. A way to relax and unwind myself
  5. An escape from reality whenever I choose
  6. A fun way to explore different forms of writing
  7. A way to entertain myself by arrange words a certain way to tell a story
  8. A pleasant reprieve when life becomes to difficult to deal with
  9. To feel a story come alive as my fingers move over the keyboard or hand over a notebook page
  10. A safe avenue to unburden myself
  11. A different form of communication
  12. A way to sort thing out without restraint
  13. A way to be creative
  14. A way to feel free
  15. A passion that has filled my life with purpose

Let me know in the comments what writing has meant to you and, as always, happy reading and happy writing.


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