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2016 Recap + 10 Year Reading Anniversary

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It’s that time of year again. 2016 is finally coming to a close. This year has been full of positive personal changes and new experiences, even when at times life got me down. But in retrospect, it all made me a stronger person with an enhanced perspective on where I wanted to go and who I wanted to be. Each time I picked myself back up and reminded myself that I don’t have to have it all figured out now and that whatever path I take I know it’ll lead me towards my ultimate goal. And in the here and now I can do things little by little, taking one step forward every time until I get there. (Monday’s post goes into more details of what I’ve been up to this past year.)

This has also reminded me to appreciate and celebrate the little things in life that mean a lot to me. For instance, I discovered that a few months ago marked the 10th anniversary of my reading journey. I know, people usually observe certain occasions, like birthdays or weddings, a significant moment, or milestone in one’s life. They do it to rejoice how for you’ve come and how far you’ll go next, accentuated by joyous celebration and commemoration. I feel that books have been such a significant part of my life that why not celebrate them?

10 years is a long time to be doing any one thing – the only other thing I’ve ever done that long was play the violin. But if you’ve been doing something you love all that time, time seems irrelevant. This may seem like a silly thing to celebrate but it’s an activity that has changed my life for the better. I went from a person who only read when she had to to someone who can’t live without a book in hand and plenty more overflowing her shelves (you can read a post of how it all began for me here).


Books made me realize what I wanted to become in life: an author. They expanded my imagination and creativity, helping me see whole new worlds, and experience the lives of many different characters. I want to do what all these writers I’ve read have done: amaze and mesmerize people with their stories of love, magic, adventure, life, family, personal strength, and friendship. To write such thrilling stories seemed like the most amazing thing in the world to be able to do (for fun and as a profession). 2016 challenged my goals, reevaluated what I wanted most in life, and reaffirmed this feeling embodied by writers.

So I humbly say goodbye to 2016 and am ready to take on 2017 with renewed purpose and stories ready to take shape.

And thank you everyone who have read my posts this past year.


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