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“A Man and His Ship” by christina15bk/Christina

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“A Man and His Ship” © 2015 by christina15bk (Christina/The Bookshelf Corner) | Revised Jan 13, 2017

Setting sail for adventure
Out towards an ocean –
A toiling, roiling body
Fit to test the audacious man
Who thinks himself
The mightiest of men,
A spirit that can’t be tamed.

His ship is him
And he the ship –
Bound, joined in holy camaraderie.
Together they have braved grave waves
That at times curved high,
Leaned forward, bent slightly
As if to coddle and protect
But instead intent to crash, smash, dash
Back into itself.

This man, the strongest, they say,
Was born with no fear.
He packs, stacks his ship
With goods and crew,
Feeling courage and luck firmly girdled to his belt.

With dawn illuminating at his back,
He releases his ship from the docks.
A joyous crowd watches the ship slip and dip away
But did not see it sink at the end of the day.


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