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Quote of the Day: Realism In Stories

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A great quote by one of my favorite authors, Tamora Pierce. This is so important in storytelling even with the most fantastical of pieces embedded in a world similar to or unlike our own. The environment of the story – where we are, what is the state of the world like, and how do things work – must be developed in a way that is logical and believable. The reader must be able to immerse themselves into the story. Make the reader a believer out of what you’re trying to create. Then situations rooted in a problem(s) that started before or at the onset of the story must be set up. The situation(s) is likely to happen in that world and takes the characters by surprise. There were logical steps/occurrences which led to the dilemma in the first place. These dilemmas are challenging and help change the character(s) by the end of the story. And sure, we love to see characters overcome the impossible, but let’s not forget the impossible must also be plausible for it to be believable. Therefore, it’s important to have a realistic premise take place in a realistic setting where the character(s) will take on realistic problems.


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