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Bookshelf Spotlight: MacLeod & De Piaget (book series)

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Author: Lynn Kurland
Publishers (depending on the book): Jove Books; Berkley Books

I’ve talked about Lynn Kurland before as being one of my literary heroes, but I didn’t delve too deep into her books as a whole.

The MacLeod & De Piaget books follow the lives of the past and present members of these two families, and people outside them. Both are set in the same world and there are times when these families interact with each other (who doesn’t love a good crossover in stories?). It’s the same set up each time: two people – one of them from one of the two families, the other not – living their own lives until something by chance brings them together. You then proceed to watch a romance bud between the two people and the obstacles they overcome. That may seem monotonous and boring, but Kurland really does well to craft a new story each time that is entertaining and enjoyable.

These books are perfect for a hopeless romantic such as myself. The romance between the couples is so cute without being cheesy or improbable – no love triangles or unrequited love (am 99% sure). There is a modicum of suspense as you wonder how they’ll prevail against both internal and external conflicts. The action is exciting and fun to watch. But overall, they’re very relaxing books to read. In terms of the romance, it’s very pg-13. I think the audience for is meant to be adults but I think (older) young adults would like these as well.

I’ve read most of her books, excluding her anthologies, and have liked each one. But my favorites are [from De Piaget series] Another Chance To DreamDreams of StardustWhen I Fall In LoveThe More I See YouFrom This Moment On, [from MacLeod series] A Dance Through TimeThe Very Thought of YouA Garden In The Rain, and With Every Breath. You can read these series out of order as stand-alones but there is a reading order to follow if you don’t want certain relationships spoiled.

These romantic tales are in the historical romance and paranormal romance categories and often involve time-traveling, allowing past and present day characters to interact with one another – and sequentially fall in love. And all the books include a family tree at the back, which is nice to have the more of these books you read.

I just love these books and the writing is so beautiful. You can learn more about Lynn Kurland and her books on her official website.

Happy Reading, everyone!

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