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The Fictional Crushes of My Literary World

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If you’re an avid reader, then you’ve probably come across a character or two (or more) that you can’t help but have a fictional crush on or just love (all non-romantically of course). These characters posses qualities or mannerism that we just find attractive, adorable, and amusing. We love them for who they are and their impact on the story. I have a handful of fictional crushes (no shame here) who always make me smile and of whom I have great respect for.

Below are my top three fictional crushes (see important notes that follow first):

*Each description is a basic biographical sketch of each character as derived from what you initially learn about them as part of the exposition
**Details also supported by books’ synopsis
***Contains no spoilers about these series

Nawat Crow – Daughter of the Lioness duology (Tamora Pierce)
Nawat is a crow native to the Copper Isles. In Trickerster’s Choice (book 1), he and his flock are tasked with helping Aly (the main character) as part of a wager with the Trickerster God, Kyprioth (who is a great character in his own right). Out of all his kin, he is the only one who decides to change into a “two-legger,” stating he could aid her better that way and that he also has a knack for making arrows. If I remember correctly, the crows are supposed to teach Aly how to understand them. Additionally, they’ll help Aly keep the Balitang children “alive through the end of the summer” (page 49, Trickster’s Choice) in exchange for her return home – her wager with Kyprioth.

Nawat as a crow is black in color with a distinct splash of white. From the way Aly describes his human form, he is a handsome man who moves in a way that “Aly half expected hum to leap straight up into the air at any moment and not come down” (page 141, Trickster’s Choice).

He’s so kind and charming, and patient and understanding with Aly. You see him grow and change into a being of his choosing throughout both books. He’ll make you laugh and you can’t help but smile at some of the things he does and says. He was one of my fiction crushes when I was a girl and is still one of my favorite characters.

Valek – Study series (Maria V. Snyder)
Valek is the right-hand man to Commander Ambrose of Ixia. He is an intelligent assassin and spy with many skills. His prowess is amplified by his immunity to magic. He also trains Yelena (the main character) to be the Commander’s new taste tester.

From what I remember, Valek has a lean build and long-ish dark hair. Despite his rough exterior and closed-off attitude, he’s a really good guy deep down (I know, cliché) and fiercely loyal. He has excellent combat skills who is hard to beat though not impossible (excluding the Commander). I think I like his character mostly because of the way he treats Yelena and how loyal he is – not to mention his fighting abilities is pretty cool to read.

David Solomon – Shadow World series (Dianne Sylvan)
David Solomon is the vampire Prime of the South, ruling over the southern area of the United States (his Haven is in Austin, Texas I believe). He takes Miranda – the other main character who is on the verge of losing control of her immense “gift” – to his home.

When you first meet David he is a very polished, put-together individual but he loosens up a little the more he gets to know Miranda. He’s very intelligent and is a tech wiz, holding a PHD in engineering from MIT. He loves ice cream and is a huge nerd. I just love his personality and character and how he’s clearly earned the respect and loyalty of his people.

Honorable Mentions:

Jake Kilchurn (Dreams of Stardust – Lynn Kurland)
Miach of Neroche (A Novel of the Nine Kingdoms, books 1-3 – Lynn Kurland)
James MacLeod (A Dance Through Time – Lynn Kurland)
Chief/Bran (Son of the Shadows – Juliet Marillier)
Christopher of Blackmour (This Is All I Ask – Lynn Kurland)
Gilan (Ranger’s Apprentice series – John Flanagan)

Do you have any fictional crushes? What character(s) have you fallen “in love” with? Let me know in the comment section below.

Have a great day, everyone and Happy Reading!


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