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Quote of the Day: Giving Characters Life

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Ever character has a base function within a story. There is the main character(s) who is the focal point of the story and from whose POV we get. There are secondary/supporting characters who are necessary to the story but not the complete focus of our attention. And then there are characters whose roles are minimal, only serving to move the story and main characters(s) along. But no matter who that character is or how long or brief his or her time is in the story, each character still has some kind of purpose – that is, life. Characters without life – realism and energy – have no purpose in a story. It makes the reader question their importance or overlook them entirely. For example, in Carrie Jones‘ Need series there is a secondary character who is wheelchair bound but he is still full of so much energy and life and serves a purpose to the story (it’s been a long time since I read this series so I don’t exactly remember what). His handicap does not limit him at all. Therefore, whether characters have the best of things or the worst of things going for them, be sure to give them life, a reason, a purpose to make the story meaningful.


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