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Essential Tools for Writers


Any writer can be happy with just a simple writing tool and something to write on. Writers write anywhere at anytime on any given day. But there are loads of useful tools out there a writer could possibly use:

  • Flash drive and/or External hard drive (important rule: always back up your work that’s digital)office-1316709_1920
  • Notebooks (for all things writing, listing, planning, and detailing)
  • Loose-leaf paper (it comes in handy to have spare paper lying around)
  • Sticky notes (great for mapping out stories and for reminders)
  • Index cards (also great for mapping out stories)
  • Pens/Pencils (whichever are your preferred tool to write with)
  • Writing Software (MS Word all the way for me but whichever suits your needs)
  • Access to the Internet (for research or a distraction)
  • Access to a library (also for research or a distraction)
  • Books (for entertainment, for research, for decoration)
  • Printer (for hard-copies of all your completed or drafts of work)
  • Dictionary and Thesaurus (even the best of writers can sometimes be at a loss for words)
  • Coffee/Tea (I don’t drink either but I know some writers need this to get through they’re writing)
  • Buddy System (writer friends are wonderful people who can offer you great feedback and/or advice)
  • A well-cushioned seat (you’re going to be sitting still for an extended period of time, might as well get comfortable)

What tools do you as a writer use? What are your must-have items?

Have a great Wednesday and happy writing!


2 thoughts on “Essential Tools for Writers

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