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Dream Space To Read And Write

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Readers and writers all have a space where they like to read and write. It is a comforting area that is the most relaxing and provides the ideal setting to enjoy ones passions. Right now I have a space to call my own where I can read and write in peace but that doesn’t stop me from picturing what my dream space could be like if I had the means.

So for this post I’m going to channel my inner designer and know-how from playing many hours of The Sims and describe my dream space I would love to one day have where I can read and write and do other miscellaneous things.

White carpet instead of hardwood floor, which I know is risky business cleaning wise but will go with any color paint I choose for the walls. Ideally, I’d like the walls to be painted blue-green but I’ll accept most lighter shades of blue. If I went the hardwood floor route, the walls would be some neutral color like white, beige, or a very light gray.

One wall will have a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf and in the center of it there’ll be an open space large enough to fit a flat screen TV. On the shelves underneath the TV is where game systems and DVDs will be stored. The rest of the shelf space on that wall will be largely dedicated to books with decorative objects here and there. There’ll be additional shorter three-tired bookshelves along the two walls adjacent to this wall of shelves.

One of the adjacent walls will have a bay window turned nook (if applicable) with a cushioned bench and throw pillows. The wall opposite will have a regular sized window or two (if applicable). These windows will be placed to allow the most natural sunlight in.

Against the wall opposite the one with the bay window will be my desk and computer for when I write. A nice cushioned black office chair with good back support and swivels and adjusts in height is included as well as a desk lamp, printer, and organizers.

A dark blue three-cushioned couch will be placed in front of the TV – or a sofa that doubles as a bed. A sizable end-table rests in between the couch and TV.

In one corner of the room is a reclining chair, lamp, and night-stand. In an adjacent corner is a mini fridge, counter, microwave and trash can.

Inside the room there is a door that leads to a connecting bathroom, which includes a sink, toilet, and (maybe) shower. Opposite is a small linen closet/storage room. The room stores such things as spare blankets, printer paper, pens/pencils, utensils, toilet paper, vacuum, soap etc.

There is a ceiling light that emits a soft white glow and can dim by a light switch. And of course there will be strategically placed outlets that will limit the mess and tangle of cords.

Floor Plan | this is essentially what I have in mind

Dream Space Floor Plan | this is essentially what I have in mind

So that’s what I imagine my dream space to look like. I don’t want there to be too much that it feels crowded or cluttered – only to have basic necessities. Maybe one day I’ll have a space like this to call my own. But for now it’s just a dream.

What would your dream space to read/write look like? Let me know in the comments.


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