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Dream Author Squad

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Yesterday, I was reading a cool post on Julia @ Owl Reads‘s blog (which I recommend you check out) and at the end of the post she asks readers which author they’d want as a best friend. It was a very interesting question so, after much deliberation, I said John Flanagan. Then that question got me to thinking and imagining if I could be in a friend group with any authors who would I choose.

So today I thought I’d be fun to do a sort of take off of “squad goals” (but not quite) and write out a list of my dream author squad – that is, a friend group I wish we could all be apart of but know will never happy (wishful thinking):

John Flanagan

Author of the ‘Ranger’s Apprentice’ and ‘Brotherband Chronicles’ series. He would be the culture, animal, and weapons expert of the group.

Tamora Pierce

Author of various quartets, including ‘Song of the Lioness’ and ‘Circle of Magic.’ She would be the magic expert of the group.

Maria V. Snyder

Author of various trilogies and such, including ‘Study,’ ‘Glass,’ and ‘Healer.’ She would be the other magic expert of the group (because you can never have enough ideas about magic).

Lynn Kurland

Author of the ‘MacLeod,’ ‘De Piaget,’ and ‘A Novel of the Nine Kingdoms’ series. She would be the romance expert of the group.

Dianne Sylvan

Author of the ‘Shadow World’ series. She would be the fighting/weapons expert of the group.

I love all these authors and their books so much. I imagine between the six of us we could write an amazing novel filled with diverse characters, insane plots, crazy adventures, loads of magic, and a love like no other. Though this will never happen, it would be an amazing collaboration of ideas.

(Again, this is fun, wishful thinking only. I adore the friends I have right now and would never want to be without them.)

Which authors would you want in your friend group and why? Let me know in the comments.

Happy reading! Happy writing!


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