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The “Strange” Part of Owning Books

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I prefer printed books over eBooks. There’s just something wonderful about holding the weight of untold stories and treasures in your hands. It’s a special kind of feeling. Having books of your own is an amazing thing in and of itself.

But as a book lover, when you own (or borrow) a physical copy of a book, you may tend to do “strange” things where it’s concerned- the silly quirks of being a book owner:

  • Sniffing a new book to bask in that “new book” smell (This I don’t understand but I’m not complaining.)
  • Carefully opening a new paperback book you’re about to read and keeping it open a certain way to not cause creases on the spine of the book (A futile effort to keep it exactly as it was.)
  • Trying to avoid getting fingerprints all over the book cover to preserve the glossiness of it (This is very difficult.)
  • Treating your books as if they were your children (Weird. But they’re so precious!)
  • Borrowing a book from the library and treating it like it’s someone else’s child (A logical response since the book doesn’t belong to you.)
  • Panicking and/or having a meltdown when you accidentally rip, bend, or stain a page (A terrible, terrible thing for sure.)
  • Being reluctant to allow someone, even friends, to borrow one of your books and giving them strict instructions on how to care for it like a parent to a babysitter (It’s not you, it’s me.)

These are “strange” quirks I’ve felt consciously or unconsciously at some point or another. I love books so much and I just want to take care of them and keep them in very good conditions. But I embrace these strange quirks with open arms!

Have you ever felt or done any of these things? How do you care for your printed copies of books? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy reading! Happy writing! Happy Friday!


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