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Bookshelf Spotlight: Sevenwaters (book series)

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Author: Juliet Marillier
Publishers: Tor Books (books 1-3); ROC (books 4-6)

Sevenwaters is one of my top favorite series. Juliet Marillier is such an incredible storyteller who really immerses readers into her stories and makes them feel all the feels about the characters and all that happens. Each story builds upon itself as you witness the lives – the passion, the love, the struggles, the hardships, the determination – of the family who rules Sevenwaters. Each book is told through first person by a different family member. Each story is so captivating, so brilliantly, seemingly effortlessly written that I am always left breathless with astonishment by their conclusions.

These are lengthy books but worth the read. It’s a historical fiction series set in Ireland and Britain and other locales. The folklore included makes the setting magical and fascinating.  The romance aspect is heartwarming and lovely to witness.

I love each book but my favorites from this series are Daughter of the Forest (#1), Son of Shadows (#2), and Flame of Sevenwaters (#6). I don’t think I can ever read the third book, Child of the Prophecy, again. It was so great (I did enjoy reading it) but also so emotionally devastating I was near to tears. You become emotionally invested in all the stories but this third book really got to me (brava Marillier!).

I highly recommend this series to anyone who loves historical fiction mixed with fantasy and romance, fae and folklore.

To learn more about Juliet Marillier, the Sevenwaters series, and her other books, you can visit her official website here.


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