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My First Novel

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I was a freshman in high school going through a new year, new school, new everything. I’d only been reading seriously for a couple years but I had an overwhelm urge to write something as amazing and fantastical as the books I was reading.

In the span of two months, I started and completed my first novel, Lamoni: Truth to All, about a girl who discovers she has magic and that her whole life and identity has been a lie. Mainly a long tale of self-discovery and identity. Such a generic (and kind of cringe-y) idea at the time but that’s what little ol’ me came up with.

Magic was – and still is – a big thing I enjoy about books. So of course I had to use magic in my story. Magic is a fantastic, very flexible element to use and writing a story – you can craft anything from it. Though I didn’t know it then, I guess what I wrote would be deemed young adult fantasy, largely inspired by YA author – and my literary hero – Tamora Pierce and all her wonderful books.

Most of my knowledge on storytelling came from all the books I had read throughout my life up to that point. I never had any educational training in writing beyond academic writing. I had written a few (shorter) stories long before then but writing a novel was on a whole other level for a teenage amateur like me. But I managed to get this crazy idea swirling around in my head onto paper.

The story was planned to be a four book series but I never finished writing the second book. I haven’t worked on it in years. But maybe some day in the future I’ll revamp the story and series all together – redo into something better than before. I’m not ready to let go of these characters. They need to have their stories told too. And I can’t wait to write that for them.

Writing my first novel was a fun experience, one I believe helped influence/solidify my wanting to become a writing when I grew up. Looking back, I’m amazed at how quickly I wrote that many words (about 31,000+ words) when now I know that writers can spend many, many years working on a novel and using many, many more words to put it together. Now that I know more about the finer points of writing and storytelling, I understand the hard, painstaking work that goes into writing a novel but also how satisfyingly wonderful the experience is.

I love writing stories and have so many I want to get onto paper. It’ll be a long, challenging journey but it’s one I enjoy and continue to look forward to.


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