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Book Review: Holes by Louis Sachar

Image via Goodreads

Genre: Children’s Fiction (Middle Grade)
Series: Holes, book 1
Rating: 4.5/5
Recommend to Others?: Yes


My Summer:
Stanley Yelnats’ family has been cursed for generations, a curse which finally catches up to by way of Stanley being falsely convicted of a crime he didn’t commit. This lands him at Camp Green Lake where there is nothing to do but eat, sleep, and dig deep holes for long hours every day under an unforgiving sun. But there’s more to Camp Green Lake than meets the eye.


My Review:
I didn’t think I was going to like this book based off of the 2003 movie – which I know you should never do. The only thing I remember about the movie was holes, the main character, and the song “Dig It” from the soundtrack. I didn’t even know this was a book first at the time. But because of that I began reading this with low expectations.

I enjoyed the novel far better than the movie, I think, because I was very emotionally invested in Stanley’s character and curious about the significance of the flashbacks. As the past (the curse) and the present came together – paralleling each other – the book became that much more enjoyable.

I have mixed feelings about how the story concluded. Stylistically it’s fine but it’s also very frustrating and unsatisfying. But this was still a great read from the characters to the structure to the writing.

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