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Book Review: Breath of Fire by Amanda Bouchet

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Genre: Romance, Fantasy
Series: The Kingmaker Chronicles, book 2
Rating: 3.5/5
Recommend to Others?: Yes

My Summary:
Catalia Fisa wants to stay by Griffin’s side and help him unite the three kingdoms of Thalyria, but she continues to struggle with the prophecy of destruction that was bestowed upon her long ago.


My Review:
The first book was far better than this one. For me, the entertainment value of Breath of Fire was only high at one part in the middle and the last fifth of the story. The first few chapters were confusing – did what happen actually happen or was it an illusion of sorts? By the way things played out I’m leaning towards the latter still but apparently the former was the case – still questionable, though.

I feel like you could divide this book into five “movements.” I use that particular word because the characters would spend several chapters in one place and it kind of made the story drag and me restless for action. Not that important things didn’t happen throughout the book but forward momentum was slow going.

Not a spoiler but more of a friendly heads up: if you don’t like spiders, then chapter 29 will be hard to read – I was very tempted to skip this chapter but didn’t.

I’m beginning to question Cat’s role as the Kingmaker because it’s kind of been a minuscule thing compared to all the other things about her and her supposed destiny. I also didn’t know this series was a trilogy. It seems like there’s two books worth of things left to do before the story concludes.

There were several good things that happened in this book that I liked but I can’t mention them without spoiling the book. But I’m looking forward to reading Heart of Fire next year. I’m anticipating an epic conclusion.

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