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(My) Most Anticipated 2017 Book Releases

The latter half of 2017 is shaping up to be an exciting time for book lovers. I’ve found a few amazing books that will be released later this year that I’m pretty excited for and curious about.

~July 11~

Loved by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast (House of Night Other World, book 1)

I’m very curious to see where the authors will take the characters next in this series and what about this new series is new – especially, after how the last HoN book, Redeemed ended.

~August 29~

Thirteen Rising by Romina Russell (Zodiac, book 4)

This is – sadly – the fourth and final book of this series. The first three were amazing! Zodiac was thrilling, Wandering Star had me on the edge of my seat, and Black Moon left me crazy to know what happens next. I highly recommend this series. I am really looking forward to seeing how this story concludes.

~October 31~

Tortall: A Spy’s Guide: Compiled by George Cooper, Tortall’s Spymaster by Tamora Pierce with Julie Holderman, Timothy Liebe, and Megan Messinger

Another book by one of my favorite authors? Yes, please! George Cooper is one of my favorite fictional characters. I’ve read snippets of his spy wisdom in (I think) just one other book. But to have a whole book dedicated to spy stuff? Again, yes, please!

~November 21~

Siege of Shadows by Sarah Raughley (Effigies, book 2)

The first book had me floored. It was action packed and full of all the feels and incredible to read. I had placed book 2 on my to-read shelf immediately after I had finished Fate of Flames.

~December 5~

The Dreamer’s Song by Lynn Kurland (A Novel of the Nine Kingdoms, book 11)

I’m three books behind in this series, so I don’t know when I’ll get to this book. But it’s still exciting that this series continues on. Lynn Kurland is one of my favorite authors.


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