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Book Review: Ever My Love by Lynn Kurland

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Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: MacLeod, book 10
Rating: 3.5/5
Recommend to Others?: Yes


My Summary:
Emma Baxter travels across the pond to experience the “Scotland in my dreams” and find inspiration to rebuild her jewelry business back up again.

Nathaniel MacLeod is a recluse literally living a double life. For the past five years, Fate it seems has dragged him back and forth through time – between present day and 14th century Scotland – for reasons he cannot begin to fathom.

When the two meet under the most unusual of circumstances, it sets in motion a chain of events and a mystery that must be solved before something more dangerous can happen.


My Review:
I always enjoy reading one of Lynn Kurland’s books and Ever My Love was no exception.

The cover is so beautiful and I love the pinks, purples, blues, and whites mingling together, fading in and out of each other to create this mystical, romantic vibe.

A huge pro about this story is the role reversal between genders – if you’ve read any of the MacLeod or de Piaget books you’ll understand this. Yes, these books have a predictable format in the way the story is told. But this one is refreshingly different. There is a better time travel predicament involved.

I found the “antagonists” of this story to be rather weak and think they could have been more…sinister and bigger oppositions. There’s a complete 180 that occurs that I found to be a bit unrealistic and a rush to finish the story.

These books of Kurland’s are lengthy reads so things tend to move at a more moderate pace. But with this story, for me, it took too long to get to the point.

As with any Lynn Kurland book after a certain point in publication history characters from past books appear. So it was, as always, lovely to see some of my favorite MacLeod men in this book.

I liked Emma’s character but boy! was her stubbornness frustrating at times. The hopeless romantic in me loved Nathaniel’s characters – he’s dreamy and noble but almost too perfect.

Ever My Love was a good read and I’m happy I finally got to read it.


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