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July Happenings!

Welcome, welcome, everyone and happy First Day of July! I hope your summer has been going well and that June brought you much success. June was a crazy busy month with this blog but lots of cool things happened. I read a few really great new books. I started a Twitter for this blog. Mischenko @ ReadRantRock&Roll was very kind to nominate me for The Leibster Award and the Entertainer Blogger AwardLaura @ thebookcorps was also very kind to nominate me for the Blogger Recognition Award. Thank you, thank you to you both!

On a side note, I haven’t been able to read much of other’s posts lately (so sorry!); work has just been super busy. But hopefully, things will calm down soon and I’ll have more time to blog and reader your posts.

Here’s what’s happening this July:

The TBR List:

Last month I read 6 books, all from my TBR list, 3 were from NetGalley. I am still reading Slaves of Socorro by John Flangan and Blood Guard by Megan Erickson. Hopefully, I’ll finish those soon. I’m 2 books away from completing my Goodreads 2017 Reading Challenge!

Other books I plan to read this month from my Summer Reading list: River of Dreams by Lynn Kurland, Dreamer’s Daughter by Lynn Kurland, Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard, and Battle Magic by Tamora Pierce.

The Blog

I’ll be posting a couple of blog milestones this month and plenty of book reviews along with new content.

For the next several weeks, I’ll only be posting Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday after which I’ll be taking a personal no-obligations vacation for two weeks (which means no new blog posts during that time).

Novel Updates

I took a break from writing because it was stressing me out and I was at a lost for words but I’m ready to get back to work starting Tuesday. Here’s where I’m (still) at with each project:

YA Idea #1 Status: 9,000+ words; 5 chapters written so far [YA Fantasy]

YA Idea #2 Status: concept written but may partially change; still considering YA but genre is now tbd

YA Idea #3 Status: concept written [YA Science Fiction & Fantasy/Fairy Tale Retelling]

Image via Goodreads

Book of the Month

I’d be remiss if I didn’t recommend Daja’s Book (Circle of Magic, book 3) by Tamora Pierce as this month’s Book of the Month. This, this is the book that started it all – my avid passion for reading. This YA Fantasy story was amazing and so were the other books in the quartet. I highly recommend Daja’s Book and all the other books by Tamora Pierce.

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