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Gifts For Readers And Writers

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What are some great gifts a reader and/or writer can get?:


Books, books and more books! (the more the better)

an E-Reader (for those who enjoy reading eBooks)

a Shopping Spree (to buy all your bookish and writing things – and because shopping sprees are just fun)

Notebooks (for thoughts, gushing about books, planning out stories, etc.)

Laptop and Printer (for writing all your lovely stories)

a Mug (for your go-to-drink as you’re reading and relaxing, or working hard on a piece of writing)

Coffee and/or Tea (to pair with the previous item)

Seat Cushion (or cushions of some sorts; you’re going to be spending long hours reading and writing so you gotta stay comfortable)

Bookmarks (cute but sturdy ones that will last long and won’t get lost)

a Bag (one that can hold multiple books for when you’re on the go)

Soft Light (to read and write by; to avoid eye strain and headaches)

an iPod (gotta have some tunes playing while reading and/or writing)

Multi-Pocket Folder/Binder (to organize your writing)

Bookshelf (a home for your books)

Post-It Notes/Index Cards (for mapping out your writings)

Novelty book/writing related Items (jewelry, figurines, etc; they’re just cute things to have)

a Cushioned Chair that doubles as a Bookshelf (I’ve seen this on Pinterest and it looks amazing)

bookish-writer-ish related Clothing (to express your love of all things books and writing)

These were just some things I thought of off the top of my head. Some of these overlap with a previous post I did on Essential Tolls for Writers. What other gifts would you give (or want to get) for readers and writers? I’d love to hear your thoughts. As always, happy reading and happy writing!


One thought on “Gifts For Readers And Writers

  1. Oh my goodness, yes to all of those! And a hollow book, or a wooden box that looks like a book in which to place another book, and a bay window, and…


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