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Book Review: All’s Faire In Middle School by Victoria Jamieson

Image via Goodreads

Genre: Middle Grade, Graphic Novel
Rating: 5 out of 5
Recommend to Others?: Yes


Summary (via Goodreads):
Eleven-year-old Imogene (Impy) has grown up with two parents working at the Renaissance Faire, and she’s eager to begin her own training as a squire. First, though, she’ll need to prove her bravery. Luckily Impy has just the quest in mind–she’ll go to public school after a life of being homeschooled! But it’s not easy to act like a noble knight-in-training in middle school. Impy falls in with a group of girls who seem really nice (until they don’t) and starts to be embarrassed of her thrift shop apparel, her family’s unusual lifestyle, and their small, messy apartment. Impy has always thought of herself as a heroic knight, but when she does something really mean in order to fit in, she begins to wonder whether she might be more of a dragon after all.


My Review:
Definitely an accurate depictions of middle school life. What really made me want to read this book is because of m love for the renaissance. I was also curious as to how that would work together with Imogene’s first time going to school. These two contrasting things worked well together.

I loved how the author paralleled the hero’s journey with school life. The story became that much more socially relatable. The author doesn’t sugar coat things; she is very upfront with the issues the book covers: self-esteem, fitting in, acceptance, bullying, and friendship.

All’s Faire In Middle School was a quick but enjoyable read, featuring a truly real cast of characters. The illustrations were wonderful as well. It was a captivating story from start to finish. Imogene is a dynamic main character, coming-of-age in the wake of middle school life, and a true knight-in-training. She brought a refreshing perspective by an MG character.

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