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NetGalley Book Review: Fireborn by Katie MacAlister

Thank you to Rebel Base Books (Kensington Books) and NetGalley for providing me with an e-copy to read and review.

Warning: Contains graphic (awkward) sexual content.

Image via NetGalley

Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Series: A Born Prophecy, book 1
Rating: 3 out of 5
Recommend to Others?: Not really


Summary (via NetGalley):
Thousands of years ago, the twin gods Kiriah and Bellias made a wager as to who could raise the best civilization. Kiriah created the Fireborn, the children of light, who would wield the power of the sun and the blessings of nature. Bellias nurtured the Starborn, the children of the heavens, who would harness the arcane power that rippled across the night sky and flowed through all living things. And so the battle began . . .

As the war between the Fireborn and Starborn enters the Fourth Age, three unlikely heroes emerge. Allegria is a young priestess who longs to honor the goddess of the sun with her battle skills rather than her prayers . Hallow is an apprentice without a master, eager to explore his power over the stars. And Deo is the chosen one, a child of both worlds who could be the key to bringing peace across the land—or the ultimate weapon in the war to end all wars . . .

The time has come for these three companions to choose sides—and seal their fates—in the thrilling first novel of the epic Born Prophesy saga by bestselling author Katie MacAlister.


My Review:
I had high hopes for this book because it sounded really interesting, but ended up with mixed emotions.

It was hard to get into the story. No character was likable, not even the three main characters who are destined to save the world. It was a dislike in a way that it was hard to distinguish who was good and who was bad (and not in a plot twist kind of way). I was essentially lost and wanted to stop reading but kept going because a part of me felt there was something I may have been missing or hadn’t gotten to yet that would place the story back on track. It was hard trudging.

The world the author has built is great and unique. But the characters we are meant to follow paled in comparison. My opinion of them went back and forth a lot. I did laugh here and there. And there were moments (the few and far in between) that really captured my attention. I loved how the author crafted magic and how it’s used.

Nevertheless, I kept reading because I needed to know how this whole business would conclude. By the end I was satisfied to give this book a higher rating than I first expected. Will I read the next book? Likely not. The reading experience of book one has left me very hesitant.

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