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Book Review: Wolfsong by T. J. Klune

Image via Goodreads

Genre: Paranormal Romance, MM Romance, LGBTQIA+ Romance
Series: Green Creek, book 1
Rating: 5 out of 5
Recommend to Others?: Yes


Summary (via Goodreads):
Ox was twelve when his daddy taught him a very valuable lesson. He said that Ox wasn’t worth anything and people would never understand him. Then he left.

Ox was sixteen when he met the boy on the road, the boy who talked and talked and talked. Ox found out later the boy hadn’t spoken in almost two years before that day, and that the boy belonged to a family who had moved into the house at the end of the lane.

Ox was seventeen when he found out the boy’s secret, and it painted the world around him in colors of red and orange and violet, of Alpha and Beta and Omega.

Ox was twenty-three when murder came to town and tore a hole in his head and heart. The boy chased after the monster with revenge in his bloodred eyes, leaving Ox behind to pick up the pieces.

It’s been three years since that fateful day—and the boy is back. Except now he’s a man, and Ox can no longer ignore the song that howls between them.


My Review:
Wolfsong is a quietly entertaining read, 400 pages of awesomeness. I didn’t know what to expect other than mystery and wolves, but on the whole I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved this book.

It’s a lengthy read as it covers in great detail roughly twenty years. I think this was necessary and important in showing the true development of Ox and Joe’s relationship as well as their own personal growth.

Ox isn’t the smartest kid in Green Creek. He’s a little slow and words can be challenging. He’s big for his age, which makes others predisposed to being wary of him. His good-for-nothing drunk of a dad always told him he was “going to get shit” all his life. Such words drastically affected Ox’s confidence and self-esteem. But throughout the story, Ox demonstrates an innate kindness and strength. Many underestimate him. Ox is a beautiful human being. He’s adorable and lovable and friendly.

Joe has had a traumatic experience as a child. His life changes significantly when he meets Ox for the first time at the end of the road. Joe is a cute kid and interesting adult. Ox accurately refers to him as a “tornado.”

The Bennett family are a wholesome lot. Gordo and the other guys at the auto shop are just as swell. Every character is great, dynamic in their individualism and the roles they play within the story.

T. J. Klune has once again shows what a talented and skilled writer and storytelling he is. He is an expert at drawing in the reader and creating unique, rememberable characters.

I really loved this book and look forward to reading the rest of the Green Creek series.

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