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Book Review: Ravensong by TJ Klune

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Genre: Paranormal Romance, LGBTQIA Romance, MM Romance
Series: Green Creek, book 2
Rating: 5 out of 5
Recommend to Others?: Yes


Summary (via Goodreads):
Gordo Livingstone never forgot the lessons carved into his skin. Hardened by the betrayal of a pack who left him behind, he sought solace in the garage in his tiny mountain town, vowing never again to involve himself in the affairs of wolves.

It should have been enough.

And it was, until the wolves came back, and with them, Mark Bennett. In the end, they faced the beast together as a pack… and won.

Now, a year later, Gordo has found himself once again the witch of the Bennett pack. Green Creek has settled after the death of Richard Collins, and Gordo constantly struggles to ignore Mark and the song that howls between them.

But time is running out. Something is coming. And this time, it’s crawling from within.

Some bonds, no matter how strong, were made to be broken.


My Review:
Ravensong is wonderfully, beautifully soul-crushing.

I had put off reading Ravensong for a while because of all the emotions and feelings I felt while reading Wolfsong. I knew going into this book that I’d experience the same things. I never could have guessed how much more I’d be feeling.

The story begins with a mix of backtracking events from book 1 but through Gordo’s POV, present events, and flashbacks to Gordo’s past for a good portion of the story before things start taking off. I usually don’t mind when book series recap what happened in the previous book, but this was a lot of backtracking.

Gordo’s past is heartbreaking. In many ways, he is similar to Ox, which explains their special relationship. Gordon is stubborn and sometimes an asshole but not without good reason. But deep down he has one of the biggest hearts I’ve ever seen. The more I learned about Gordo, the more I fell in love with his character. All I wanted was for Gordo to get his HEA.

TJ Klune is a masterful storyteller. The pacing of his books and how he strings together sentences seems so effortlessly done. I was captivated beyond reason, breath held as things got worse and worse and worse. I was anxious the whole time. Klune writes such beautiful stories.

Ugh all the feels and emotions, the twists and turns. I never had a clue what was going to happen and the suspense too much to handle. But I really loved this book. The ending was extremely satisfying and I can’t wait for Heartsong to be released.

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