TBC Happenings

December Happenings

Welcome December 2019!!!

and…welcome to the first ever….

Yes, that’s right. This month is going to be extra special as I’ll be posting 25 book reviews for 25 five days!

Now normally these things start December 1 and that was the plan but life happened. I’m going to start posting a book review this Saturday, December 7 and every day after. All the way to New Year’s Eve.

I had been toying with this idea for a while and thought it possible but that I’d really have to step up my reading. Although I am not quite done the reading part, I believe I will still be able to achieve this goal.

Additionally, during the last week of December I will be posting top book picks from my reading year, which is something I have done for the past three years. I’ll be spotlighting books for things such as Best Middle Grade, Best Cover, and Book of the Year.

I hope you all will enjoy this crazy wintry adventure I have planned.

And, as always, HAPPY READING!!!

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