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Book Review: “Backstage Prince” by Kanoko Sakurakoji

Genre: Manga, Graphic Novel
# of Volumes: 2
Rating: 4 out of 5
Recommend to Others?: Yes


ABOUT (Vol. 1): Drawn into the exciting world of kabuki theatre, young Akari spends her time after school assisting the internationally famous actor, Shonosuke Ichimura. In the real world, however, this prince of kabuki is actually a high school cutie by the name of Ryusei.

Akari is totally clueless about kabuki–and boys–but she’s eager to learn about both. Her first encounter with Ryusei doesn’t go very well, but with the help of a cat named Mr. Ken, the two teenagers quickly become prince AND princesses of kabuki. Love was never so dramatic!

ABOUT (Vol. 2): There’s trouble brewing behind the kabuki curtain. Ryusei’s dad doesn’t want anything–or anyone!–distracting his son from his chosen profession. It’s no secret that he disapproves of Ryusei’s romance with Akari. Now he’s determined to sabotage their relationship anyway he can!


My Review:
Backstage Prince was an interesting read. Being only two volumes long, the story couldn’t help but feel rushed

The story begins with an inciting incident that gets right to the overall plot of the story. Akari is a nice girl, pleasantly ordinary but flat in character. She doesn’t grow or change much throughout the story. Ryusei is every bit the dashing prince but is extremely antisocial so often comes across as rude and brutish. I get that he’s not good with feelings and expressing himself but sometimes he did not treat Akari well. At least you can see he does regret his behavior at times and makes some effort to change.

I wish that we could see more of the reaction Akari’s classmate have after learning who she is dating and whether they treat her differently or not. The reactions are 99% focused on the industry, media, and fan reactions.

I liked both volumes equally and the stakes do raise as the story progresses. It’s a nice story; a bit different from my usual reads which was a nice change.

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