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Book Review: “The Doctor’s Family Reunion” by Mindy Obenhaus

Image via Goodreads

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance, Christian Fiction
Rating: 4 out of 5
Recommend to Others?: Yes


ABOUT: His Instant Family

Family means everything to Dr. Trent Lockridge. Growing up without a father, he always yearned for a family of his own. One long-ago  summer in Ouray, Colorado, he thought  he might build a future with beautiful  Blakely Daniels. But when he abruptly fled town, he broke her heart and left behind more than memories. Years later, Trent is shocked—and overjoyed—to learn he’s a father. He’d like to earn back Blakely’s love and trust— but it won’t be easy. And the clock is ticking. He’s got only a few weeks to prove that, this time, he’s here to stay…forever.


My Review:
The Doctor’s Family Reunion was a charmingly romantic story of second chances and the power of faith.

Blakely is a well rounded, likable character. She has spent the last decade as a single mother while running the family tour business. But she still struggles and stresses, even more so once Trent suddenly comes back into her life. She has a hard time letting go and allowing others to help her out so she can have a chance to breathe.

She has been let down before in the past so it’s stubbornly hard for her to trust Trent (which is understandable). Trent seems honest, loyal (to a fault) and honorable – a real man of his word. From an outside perspective he is the total package and not the type of person to “dine and dash.” I do think he could have tried a little harder with Blakely before shit hit the fan. I was getting impatient waiting for him to confess to her.

Ouray, Colorado seems like such beautiful place. The author described it in such a way that made me want to go see this place in real life – the perfect destination vacation!

Mindy Obenhaus is a talented romance writer and storyteller. I am so glad I found her books. I can’t wait to read more by her!

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