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Book Review: “Middle School Misadventures” by Jason Platt

Image via Goodreads

Genre: Middle Grade, Graphic Novel
Rating: 5 out of 5
Recommend to Others?: Yes


ABOUT: Jason Platt’s debut graphic novel, Ferris Bueller meets Calvin and Hobbes in this hilarious and embarrassing middle school caper that asks the important questions–like how long can one kid vamp before he embarrasses himself in front of his whole school?

Newell is always getting into trouble–whether it’s showing up tardy for most of the year, or mocking his teachers while authoritarian Mr. Todd is standing right behind him. When disaster strikes and Newell finds himself on track to summer school, he’s given one last minute option to get out of it–participating in the upcoming Talent Show. The only problem is that he doesn’t technically have a talent to show. Yikes.

In this fun and imaginative full-color graphic novel, Jason Platt sends a fast-talking, daydreaming, middle school kid on a desperate quest to pull off a great show and save his summer.


My Review:
Middle School Misadventures follows the unintentional troublemaker Newell as he scrambles frantically for a way to get out of going to summer school.

Newell is a great main character for this story. He’s kind, funny, and imaginative. He is such a dynamic, idiosyncratic character. Every laughable thing that happens to him is only something that would happen to a kid like Newell. And when he breaks the fourth wall and addresses the reader it just adds to his charm.

He has a great relationship with his dad and his best friend, Collin. When you read about Newell’s dad, you immediately see where Newell gets some of his eccentric behaviors. I like that Collin is the voice of reason in his friendship with Newell. It’s a good contrast to have paired with. They even have an epic handshake.

The principle, Mr. Dodd, and subsequent arch enemy of Newell kind of reminds me of the really too-nice teacher, Mr. Simmons, from the Nickelodeon show Hey Arnold!. Actually, the characters in Middle School Misadventures remind me of the quirky kids in Hey Arnold! and I love that.

Middle School Misadventures is an oddly amazing book to read.

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