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[BLOG TOUR] ARC Review: Cast In Wisdom by Michelle Sagara

[January 21, 2020 – February 4, 2020]

Thank you to Mira Books/Harlequin Trade Publishing and NetGalley for the e-ARC to read and review. Cast In Wisdom by Michelle Sagara is now available for purchase.

Genre: Fantasy
Series: Chronicles of Elantra #15
Rating: DNF @ 31%
Recommend to Others?: No
Favorite Quote: “Sometimes what we want isn’t what we need.”



The fiefs that exist at the heart of the city of Elantra are home to sentient Towers that guard the world against the incursion of Shadow. But between the fiefs exists the gray world of the border zone. In it, geography changes between one passage across a border and the next. The rules of magic are different there—and yet somehow familiar to Kaylin Neya.

When a Shadow escapes, Kaylin must find out how…and why. If Shadows can breach the barrier erected by the Towers, the whole of Elantra will be devoured. It’s happened on other worlds. Bellusdeo, Kaylin’s Dragon companion, absolutely believes it can happen on theirs.

The border zone holds secrets and ancient histories, and people are gathering there in search of its power. Without even understanding what that power is, or why it exists, Kaylin is in a desperate race against time to find those secrets first. She doesn’t know who her enemies are. She doesn’t know how many she’ll face. But she won’t face them alone.


My Review:
[DNF @ 31%] Disclaimer: I did not know Cast In Wisdom was the 15th book of a series when I requested this title. But I was still interested in reading it because of the synopsis and cover art.

Cast In Wisdom was hard to get into. Usually, I’m able to orient myself if I start a series out of order. Eventually come to understand this new world and the most prevailing plot points thus far. But I felt disconnected from what was happening. Again, my mistake.

I liked Bellusdeo the most. One, she’s a dragon and, two, she carries herself almost royally but cool, calm and collected.

I also liked the idea of buildings having sentience that sometimes is or isn’t consciously independent. Helen was my favorite embodiment of sentience. I just like her sweet, motherly nature and how homey she was.

The story felt 95% discussion, rehashing, or theorizing – a huge info dump with very little action taking place or any forward momentum. The pace slowed, if not dragged. And so blocked me from building a connection with the story or characters that I grew bored.

I can see aspects of this book’s potential and appeal but I don’t think it was the right book was for me.


Michelle Sagara is an author, bookseller, and lover of literature based in Toronto. She writes fantasy novels and lives with her husband and her two children, and to her regret has no dogs. Reading is one of her life-long passions, and she is sometimes paid for her opinions about what she’s read by the venerable Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. No matter how many bookshelves she buys, there is Never Enough Shelf space. Ever.

Social Links:
Author Website
Twitter: @msagara
Facebook: @MMSagara

READ EXCERPT HERE >>> Michelle Sagara Excerpt.docx

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