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[Book Review] The Werewolf Queen by Brandi Elledge

Image via Goodreads

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
Series: Wheel of Crowns #1
Rating: 2 out 5
Recommend to Others?: No


ABOUT: I always wished I had supernatural powers. Now I wish I didn’t.

Sadie’s a dud, a failure–the only one in high school who doesn’t have any kind of supernatural powers. Her psychic bff, Jo, knows something about Sadie’s future, but just won’t tell. And what the heck is going on when one of her teachers starts looking at her while he’s going on about powerful lost keys, portals of madness, and destinies?

Then it all starts.

On her 18th birthday, Sadie starts to feel weird. And when werewolves, vampires, and demons all turn up to spoil her party, the weirdness really ramps up.

Leaving her best friend, her family, and the only town she’s ever known, Sadie must find safety. But while the king of the werewolves can offer her somewhere to hide while she’s learning about her new powers, he can’t stop his psycho witch fiancée from finding new ways to try and kill her. Of course, the murderous tendencies of this psycho witch only get worse when she realizes the Werewolf King is, um… attracted to Sadie.

And all that’s before Sadie sets off to try and find one of the lost keys. Before she visits hell. Before she picks up a pet ogre.

And before she realizes just how powerful she can become.

But if it really is her destiny to collect one of the lost keys, will she be able control her newfound power and help save the world and all the people in it she loves? Or will she buckle under the pressure?

She’s about to find out. A mansion surrounded by demons and full of vampires and witches intent on her destruction awaits. Oh, and that psycho-witch fiancée of the Werewolf King. What could possibly go wrong?


My Review:
Things started off good and then stagnated. There were so many things wrong with this story that it ended up as a very disappointing and underwhelming read.

My biggest issue was that there was no mystery or tension. The two soothsayers/psychics practically gave characters hints and purposefully guided their actions in a very obvious roundabout way. Like, if you don’t do this, then you won’t get this. It was rather annoying because usually psychics won’t say nothing about what they’ve seen.

The banters back and forth were uninteresting and cringy after a while. There was a lot of rambling and tedious info dumps. The tone of the story was all over the place.

I could not pin down Camden (the werewolf king) character. At first appearance, he comes off stiff and poised (not in a bad way) and then at some point his personality seemed to switch during his interactions with other characters.

Towards the end was when I completely lost interest and began skipping sections to get to the point of the scene.

Despite all of that, there were a few things I enjoyed. 1) I loved Sadie’s character and how sassy she was. I liked how rational and level-headed she was where her relationship with Camden was concerned. 2) The cover art is beautiful. 3) My favorite character was the lovable Kong (a giant ogre). 4) The karaoke scene was funny.

This story was a huge letdown and I won’t be continuing this series.

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