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[Manga Review] An Incurable Case of Love by Maki Enjōji (Volume 1)

*review of vol. 1 only*

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Genre: Manga, Graphic Novel
Series: An Incurable Case of Love, Vol. 1
Rating: 5 out of 5
Recommend to Others?: Yes


ABOUT: Nurse Nanase has striven to once again meet the prince of her dreams, so how is it he’s become such an aggravating doctor?!

After witnessing a handsome and charming young doctor saving a stranger’s life five years ago, Nanase Sakura trained to become a nurse. But when she meets the doctor again and they start working together, she finds Kairi Tendo to be nothing like the man she imagined him to be!


My Review:
I wanted to read An Incurable Case of Love because it seemed like it would be a funny rom-com story. I bought Volume 1 – the only volume in English published at the time – on optimism alone. I’m so glad I found this series because it was an enjoyable read.

Volume was super cute. Nanase studies to become a nurse so she can one day work with a guy she met five years ago who helped her save someone’s life. It’s a frivolous reason to become a nurse. But when she finally reunites with the handsome doctor, things go sideways fast. I knew then – from the way these stubborn titans constantly clashed – that I was going to fall in love with this series.

Five years is a long time. I’m curious to learn what changed for Tendo that he’s now so gruff and unapproachable a person that no one wants to be assigned to his department. He’s a great doctor but not easy to work with. I predict this is because of possibly a bad relationship, the stress of his profession, or perhaps mental trauma from losing a patient.

All the characters you meet so far are great and compliment the two main characters. Sparks are already flying in volume 1, so I’m eager to continue the story.

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